Attract more of your ideal B2B clients with intelligent, logical, and AI-powered strategies.

We are the perfect Growth Partner for Logistics Companies.

Our three-step proven framework
to book you meetings with decision-makers:

We deeply understand your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). 

We curate and enrich your ICP database using cutting-edge technology. 

We build a multichannel lead generation machine:

Ultra personalized Cold Emailing

Up to 10,000 emails per day with perfect deliverability. 

Non-intrusive Cold LinkedIn

Up to 1.000 LinkedIn DMs per day without sounding salesly. 

Smart Ads

Ads that are just shown to your ICP, so you don’t waste money. 

CRM Automations

Updated pipelines and reports so you always know what’s going on. 

We achieve results without magic formulas because we stick with the channels that deliver results for B2B marketing in 2024. It's as simple as that.

Jaime Rubiel

CEO | B2b Outbound and Automation Master

«I have been in B2B sales and marketing for 27 years. Nearly 20 years ago, I decided to become an entrepreneur and have achieved hundreds of millions of dollars in sales in my ventures.

In 2021, I founded HighTicket Agency, intending to channel all my knowledge to serve others purely out of vocation.

I have always liked being at the forefront of my profession. Today, I am an expert in the latest attraction and closing techniques in the B2B world, powered by AI.»